Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End Of Naruto???

Here is some naruto spoilers i found how the sereis will end this could be old and big spoilers
4th Hokage (Yondaime)
The 4th is actually quite like the itachi that we've been described to so far. He is nice on the outside and all but he is actually very uneasy with his position. On one hand, he has a duty to protect the village; on the other hand he feels the village puts a limit on his growing power. so during the raid of Kyubi( nine tail), 4th sealed the fox in the belly of his son naruto and left the village with his wife and founded Akatsuki. when the battle is over, and the 3rd saw the seal (and 4th instructions?), he mistakenly thought 4th used the forbiden technique and died. the whole village believing in the 3rd, and the legend of 4th lived on.

4th's wife
Naruto's mother, 3rd daughter. loving mother and loyal wife. she left her new born son with tears. later, she became a member of Akatsuki group. rank #8.

After the 4th left Konoha, he sends invatation for the 3 most potential shinobi in the vilage. Orochimaru, Jiraya and Itachi. Orochimaru accepted immediately, but Jiraya and Itachi refused. 4th doesn't want to go against the will of his old sensei, but he did not give up on young Itachi. (i think there is a time lag between inviting oro and Itachi) 4th threatens to kill the Uchiha clan, Itachi still wont give in. thus 4th sends #2 ranked Akatsuki "white tiger" to murder most of Uchiha clan. Seeing that he is no match to Akatsuki, Itachi agreed to join if "white tiger" would spare Sasuke. Itachi want his brother to became stronger than him, thus lied about the family's death, hoping to let Sasuke's anger to become his strength. Itachi then joined Atatsuki as #3, Orochimaru as #5.

Orochimaru's leaving Konoha was strongly objected by Jiraya. Jiraya ,always believed he could save Orochimaru, finally tipped the 3rd about Oro's secrect place, hoping his sensai would finally talk him out of it. (I dont think this is the same event that was shown in the anime, Oro left village long before Kyubi's attack) In Akatsuki, Orochimaru never trusted Itachi's loyalty with the group, and always was bitter about his being #5. He told 4th about Itachi's real loyalty does not lie with Akatsuki. 4th told Orochimaru if you have the power of Sharingan, then i'll believe you. Orochimaru then challenges Itachi but lost to Sharingan. He then left the group.

Sasuke did not really turn evil. He only wanted to pocess more power. Sasuke's sharingan became more powerfull and eventually killed orochimaru with the help of Kabuto. In the end Sasuke killed Itachi and finally found out the truth, and was send again into despair.

Kakashi died in the battle with "white tiger" while protecting Gai-sensei.(Lee's sensei)

Naruto's final battle is with his father, the legendary "Yellow Flash", the 4th Hokage. Naruto defeated 4th with the help from his mother (died while protecting Naruto, but wounded 4th).In the end, naruto became Hokage as he wished.

Sakura became Tsunade's student. Gaara became Kazekage of sand village. Hinata and Naruto got together, so is Shikamaru and Temari. ( some are told by manga already )

Again, you don't have to believe this, but this was released by the japanese board so I mostly think this is true. Oh, well believe what you want to believe! The ending seems reasonable though. 

Sorry every guy because I write in english.....

AMATERASU=boleh membuat kn (Black Flame) black flame ialah sejenis api kuase hitam yg hanye boleh dikeluar kn dngan hanye menggunekan mata (Mangekyou Sharingan) amteratsu boleh mengawal fikiran orang yg mengunakannye dengan kejahatan bila orng itu tidak dapat mengawal nye hanye dengan satu jenis cahaya sahaja boleh boleh menghancur kan sehinga 10KM dari kawasan yg di gunakan Amaterasu itu~~~

PAIN=adalah ketua kumpulan(AKATSUKI) kumpulan akatsuki adalah kumpulan yg tidak suka pada setiap kampung yg ada di dalam cerite Naruto kumpulan ini hanye lah untuk membalas dendam kepada setiap kampung yg ada...setiap garisan di kepala mereka contoh:______
ia memaksut kan yg kumpulan ini tidak menyukai kampung nye yg telah menyusah kn mereka...dan niat mereka hanye lh untuk menguasai seluruh bandar di dalm cerita Naruto... 


ZETSU=zetsu adalah salah seorang ahli akatsuki yang mempunyai kuase yg pelik kerana zetsu mempunyai 2blang di sebelah kiri beliau kejahatan dan di sebelah kanan beliau  kekejaman...beliau boleh berada di mana saja yg beliau suka kerana beliau boleh terembusi apa saja benda yg ada di alam ini..

CINCIN=cincin ini bukan sebarang cincin jika cincin ini hilang orng yg hilang cincin itu mesti mendapat kn balik cincin itu kerana cincin itu yg mengesahkn bahawa anda adlah ahli akatsuki...

MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN=di sebelah kiri ini adalh mata Mangekyou Sharingan yg amat erharga sekali kerana mata ini mempunyai kuasa yg hebat dn berbeza-beza kuase nye 

Dan itu saja lah yg grim tahu ok lain kali grim cite lg... 



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layan naruto ke zehan?

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hahahh laya x d bende buat.....???

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tak penah layan naruto..maap

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perghh...lengkap watak2 penting naruto...yaty suka baca manga naruto :)

sejak berblog dah lama tak baca kreko.huhu

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adik cik ana gile fanatic naruto!! takleh mis satu episod pun..hik3

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biskut said...

dah nak sampai ke end dah ker...?lawan paling best PAIN.

alongizhamhadi said...

eeehhh...PAIN tu dari keturunan itachi ke???

shezwan said...

lama lagilah nak abes.. ending ni macam pelik je lawan 4th kage.. hehe.. takpe2 just tunggu dan lihat je.. ngee..^_^

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